New Year’s Musical Resolutions – DAY 2 of 3 – Bands, Lyrics and Emails

On Day 2, we are looking at more practical ideas to get your musical aspirations back on track. Some of us may not be ready to get out there right away as a front person in a band. So, maybe these tips will be good for you?

Joining a Band

  1. Join a band. Sometimes, you just want to get playing right away. Starting your own band is quite a bit of work but joining an established band is much easier. You may have to audition but once you are in, you are in. There are plenty of places to find out about musical opportunities. Check out vacancies on sites like http://www.find-a-musician.comWhat kind of band would you like to be in?
    Are you looking for a style change?
    Are you looking for some good company?
    Are you looking to gig every week or less frequently?

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    Writing Lyrics

  2. Write some lyrics. Use the notes function on your smart phone to write some lyrics for a song. Do you ever get the creative urge to write some song lyrics? I know many people who just seem to write lyrics at the drop of a hat. Why not write a set of lyrics and just go for it and write the melody too? What would it be like to write a song with somebody else? I have many friends who are excellent at writing lyrics and working with them on a song is always great fun.Do you have some newspapers you can get inspiration from?
    Do you have a friend whose situation you can write about?

    Can you write lyrics on your Smart Phone?
    Do you have a train or bus journey you can take time to write notes?
    Can you get a rhyming dictionary if you are stuck?

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    Emailing/Messaging Musician Friends

  3. Send some catch up emails/messages to musicians you know. If you are trying to get back into performing, then send some emails or texts to musicians you normally work with. Just a polite friendly contact is a great starting point. Sometimes when we get busy, we drift off of other people’s radars. So a subtle email sent just asking how people are getting on is a great subtle way. A great place to start if you are looking to get back into performing with people you know and trust.Who will you contact first?
    Who is local to you?
    Who is gigging most in the area?

    If you would like to gain more tips then why not download the free E-Book “Avoid the 10 Most Common Mistakes made by Musicians” from

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About clivemusic

I have taught music, enabling musicians to be confident about performing for over 20 years. I also train teachers and trainers to be confident in the classroom. Keyboard, piano and composing, arranging and singing are my musical loves. I love performing and play Jazz with a Quartet and also sing and direct my own Barbershop Quartet called The Sherlock Combs. I used to be an incredibly nervous performer, suffering from stage fright and through teaching music and learning many mind training techniques, come with me on a journey to confident performing.
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