What do you make of this performance?

Samuel T. Herring

Samuel T. Herring shows the focus that belief brings

What would it be like if you had 100% belief in what you were doing?

A month ago, my friend and colleague Ben Angel (Lead singer from The Bohemian Embassy) showed me a video performance on Youtube which has really had me thinking about it ever since. In an age of reserved minimalistic singer songwriter performances, this guy, Samuel T. Herring, hit me and nearly 2 million other web surfing people, squarely between the eyes and ears. I experienced the incredible passion and focus of this guy’s performance and I was left thinking, ‘What is this guy singing about? I don’t know, but I know he means it’

A powerful performance is nothing new to me. I grew up in an age where Queen were king and Freddie sang full-pelt at Live Aid. I remember the library footage of Joe Cocker singing ‘With a little help from my friends’ with a vocal tone that would give Robert Plant a run for his money. I recall the archive footage of Janis Joplin singing at Woodstock, giving everything she had. So the performance from Future Islands front man was incredibly powerful but had something different about it. The intense focus of his performance and the incredible belief were 100% mesmerising. His voice is a voice which I would not immediately say was a classic voice but it speaks to me. There is something incredibly honest, open and uninhibited about Samuel T. Herring’s performance which connects with me. His dance moves shout out, ‘Hear what I have to say’ The band (Future Islands) have a different kind of intensity which just seems to enhance the impact of the singer and his performance, something akin to the relationship between Jim Morrison and The Doors. I am not sure what my conclusion is about this amazing performance but I do know I want to see more from these guys. I know that watching somebody perform something they believe in whole-heartedly, is life-affirming. See them in London Hyde Park on July 3rd 

What are your thoughts?

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I have taught music, enabling musicians to be confident about performing for over 20 years. I also train teachers and trainers to be confident in the classroom. Keyboard, piano and composing, arranging and singing are my musical loves. I love performing and play Jazz with a Quartet and also sing and direct my own Barbershop Quartet called The Sherlock Combs. I used to be an incredibly nervous performer, suffering from stage fright and through teaching music and learning many mind training techniques, come with me on a journey to confident performing.
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