Welcome to Confident Performer

Clive at the Piano

Clive plays piano at the Cooler Jazz Blues Festival

In this blog, I will be looking at techniques, exercises and activities we can use to make us even more confident as performers. Having worked as a musical performer for 20 years, and performed alongside students who have been less than confident at the beginning, I have learned and shared many ways to improve confidence to the point where performing becomes an exciting part of my everyday life. I started out as an incredibly nervous performer, often so nervous that the circulation did not flow properly to my hands and as a pianist, that was tough. I used to have panic attacks at the thought of being on stage and over the years, through a process of discovery and understanding, I have eradicated all damaging nerves from my performing and am able to perform from a state of excited inspiration. I will be sharing with you a number of techniques and using my own research and findings from fellow musicians.

You can be part of this site, part of the community of confident performers and play your part in making other musicians, confident performers.


About clivemusic

I have taught music, enabling musicians to be confident about performing for over 20 years. I also train teachers and trainers to be confident in the classroom. Keyboard, piano and composing, arranging and singing are my musical loves. I love performing and play Jazz with a Quartet and also sing and direct my own Barbershop Quartet called The Sherlock Combs. I used to be an incredibly nervous performer, suffering from stage fright and through teaching music and learning many mind training techniques, come with me on a journey to confident performing.
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